Most of you know by now that WorldStarHipHop is down. 50 Cent took to twitter saying that he was the one to shut down WSHH. Q, the owner of WSHH, calls into Hot97 after 50 cent and talks about how the site is only down because of some server issues and that it really wasn’t shut down. Catch the audio for the interview below along with 50 Cents tweets.

You can catch the interview with Hot97 here & 50 tweets are below:

“Send Q from worldstar your condolences. If you care give him a call at 1646 270-2531. Its real I’m not to be f**ked with”

“Send you video to my self and @FloydMayweather have provided a new site you no longer have to pay.”

“I want to thank howard gordon and the good folks over at homeland .hahaha suckers your move”

“Me and @FloydMayweather don’t thing worldstar was good representation of black people as a hole. We will present better”

“I predict 2 more web sites will shut down this week. Take a guess who they are. I’m sick of the hate I’m to strong.”

“I put worldstar to bed, you don’t believe try me I will shut your sh*t down. Lol”

“I don’t know why people underestimate me. I just shut down WORLDSTAR for future advertising contact suckers lol”