50 Cent released a brand new song last night titled “Happy New Year” on his Twitter account. The song features a very hungry, slightly crazy sounding 50 over a laid back-yet classical sounding instrumental, rapping about everything from his pets (which are named after Oprah and Gail) to getting high. He even name drops his mentors: Eminem and Dr. Dre.

While that may not sound appealing to some, the song is different from what we’ve been hearing from 50 lately and I’m feeling it.

“I started out with one pill, now I’m taking ten a day, Em said I need help, Dre said the shit OK. Next thing you know a n-gga sitting up in A.A. – Hi, my name is Curtis Jackson, I’m an addict, gotta have it.”

50 raps on the track, before we’re hit with another chorus leading up to a classic 50 Cent rant about his new headphones, stocks and his upcoming album’s producers.

“I call the motherf-ckin shots man. When I call Interscope, I say where Mannie at? Get Mannie on the phone. Tell that n-gga get me the hottest shit they got. All them n-ggas, Alex Da Kid, S1, whoever the fuck…Swizz Beatz, anybody! Get me Da Kid man! — I’m back on it! I know you know, when I say it I mean it. I’ma get the money. If I say the stock gone go, the stock gone go. If I say the headphones gone sell, the headphones gone mothaf-ckin’ sell. Sleek Audio!”

Listen to the track below.