The just-announced, semi-autobiographical book, titled Playground, will be intended for young adults dealing with bullying, according to the Penguin Young Reader Group, the work’s publisher.

This will not be be 50’s first experience in the publishing business. He’s the author of several works, including a memoir titled From Pieces to Weight, and business manual, The 50th Law.

Along with Playground, which is due out in January 2012, 50 announced via Twitter that his next album, Black Magic, and his new line of headphones are expected to come out two months earlier in November. No word from Interscope if the dates are officical as of yet.

If there’s one person young adults should look to for anti-bullying advice, it’s definitely not the “Outlaw” Curtis Jackson which we all know as 50 Cent. Isn’t what this guy did to Ja Rule’s career considered bullying? I sure believe so.

More information available here.