Watch Rotimi & 50 Cent Perform “Lotto” Remix

Last night (June 3, 2015) 50 Cent brought Rotimi out on stage during his Power season 2 premiere concert in New York City. Rotimi and 50 Cent went on to perform the remix of “Lotto” — a record released by Rotimi in 2014. The song bubbled under the radar without 50 Cent on it when it released originally, but now with a little help, the remix is sounding like a surefire hit. We’ll have to wait and see if this song makes an impact when it eventually gets re-released. But if you want to jam to it early, this live performance footage will have to do.

Rotimi will also star as Dre in the second season of 50 Cent‘s Starz show, Power. The season premiere is June 6th.

Rotimi – Lotto (Original Version)