Uh oh, French Montana is officially on 50 Cent‘s bad side. During a radio interview tonight with 955 WPGC, 50 went in when asked about French Montana, calling him the new Ja Rule and revealed he plans to end French‘s career! During the interview, 50 Cent spoke on “My Life” going number one on iTunes and threw the accomplishment right in French Montana‘s face, saying “the number one should make you close your mouth” and boasted that French can’t compete with him on any level.

In his 955 WPGC interview, 50 Cent also touched on a number of other topics such as his upcoming album Street King Immortal, boxing, Floyd Mayweather, and more.

50 Cent‘s long awaited new album Street King Immortal hits stores on February 26th.

Listen to the interview after the break.

(Audio via Sarge)