In this video 50 Cent talks about everything he got going on right now, including his new mixtape LP, The Big 10 which he says will feature ten new studio recordings of himself with features from his new G-Unit records team, including Paris (appeared on T.O.S. song “Kitty Kat”) and Kidd Kidd’s crew Ryder Gang. The video also shows off the cover for the project featuring basic stock footage of glass breaking and the free LP’s title.

The first video from this project will be released Friday, titled “Queens, NY” featuring Paris. In the clip 50 Cent also discusses his headphones, energy drinks and other stuff us 50 fans are tired of hearing about.  However, I’m psyched to see if 50 can still deliver us something special. I’ll be waiting for this material come Friday.  Don’t let me down, Curtis.