Things looked bleak for 50 Cent’s own brand of headphones once he ended his business relationship with Sleek Audio and started SMS Audio. But as always, 50 Cent being the suave businessman he is, has been quietly making power moves behind close doors with SMS Audio. His acquisition of KonoAudio will give him the ability to market and manufacture his headphones  plus more. He currently plans on releasing a wireless, wired and earbud version of his headphones later this year. Each headphone will feature on-board controls and will allow up to four people to listen at once. 50 Cent and Brian Nohe (founder of KonoAudio) released the following statements:

“I’m eager for my fans to hear my music the way it was intended – the way it was mastered in the studio. The acquisition of KonoAudio will enhance our ability to bring the absolute, highest-caliber audio products to the market.” – 50 Cent

“I am excited to be part of the SMS Audio brand and believe in the forward-thinking nature and quality commitment of the company. KonoAudio has made significant investments in the areas of product development and branding resources and I am proud to bring that experience to SMS Audio. The businesses make a great combination.” – Brian Nohe

Source: XXL