Here is a commercial/advertisement for 50 Cent’s new energy shot ‘Street King’ which is available now on Order a box of twelve for twenty dollars and that’s twelve meals in a starving African child’s stomach. So why not support a good cause?

The energy shot comes in two flavors, Grape and Orange Mango. ‘Street King’ will also begin popping up soon in local stores in your area if you’re not up on ordering a case online. Some locations in your area may also already have SK in stock, check stock of your area here.

Those weary about ‘Street King’, it does for a fact go to a good cause. 50 Cent and Chris Lighty are working directly with the United Nations World Food Programme, which ensures help to the kids in Africa that 50 Cent had been talking about for months on Twitter. More details on the energy shot after the jump.

50 cent street king energy shot promo photo

As both a massively successful artist and a survivor of a harsh childhood, 50 Cent found himself compelled to use his success to help others in need.

A trip to the World Cup in Africa opened his eyes to rampant poverty and hunger across the continent. Back home, 50 and his trusted manager Chris Lighty began brainstorming ways he could help kids born with the odds stacked against them.

They immediately thought of Chris Clarke, the entrepreneur behind Pure Growth Partners. PGP’s revolutionary mission is to find and create sustainable brands using a “one for one” give-back component to donate directly to the world’s most effective charities.

Together, they conceived a product that perfectly fit 50′s driven persona and their mutual desire to make a difference: the Street King energy shot. Street King provides focus and energy, two qualities 50 credits with being crucial to his success. And every single bottle of Street King purchased will furnish a meal for an impoverished child.

Providing his fans worldwide with positive energy – while helping children get the nutrition they need – is just the kind of powerful impact 50 has been longing to make. Now Street King Energy Shots are here to turbo-charge your drive to succeed at whatever you do. And you’ll not only feel good, you’ll feel good about yourself, too.

50 cent street king energy shot

Street King Nutrition Facts
street king energy shot nutrition facts

We believe that if you improve your energy, you gain the power to change bigger things. One 2.5-ounce shot of Street King gives you 6 hours of focus and energy – and it’­s the best tasting shot out there. Every bottle we sell helps feed a child in need.

Grab a Street King Energy Shot whenever you need a fast-acting boost of energy. But please, don’t drink Street King if you’re pregnant, nursing, under 16, or have a medical condition affected by caffeine. And don’t have more than two bottles a day. A sealed bottle can be kept at room temperature, but make sure to refrigerate an open bottle and discard it after 48 hours.