50 Cent’s Q&A at the NY Daily News

50 Cent sat down at the NY Daily News offices and answered questions directly from his fans. The multi-platinum rapper who sold over 30 million units talked about his upcoming album (tentatively titled Street King Immortal), and more.

When asked if we can expect any collaborations with Eminem in the future, 50 Cent revealed that Eminem will be a guest on his new album.

50… will you ever do a song with Eminem ever again?

Yeah, we got a new song together on my new album. So you’ll get a chance to hear that shortly.

50 also let it be know that his new album is on the way. So 50, when is the album coming out?

I’m going to release a date shortly but it’s definitely coming out. I pushed it back to release the G-Unit EPs: The Beauty and Beast. It’s just now the focus on completing the record for me.

How close is 50 Cent and Chelsea Handler? Pretty damn close. In fact, he calls her Gator.

Where does your relationship with Chelsea Handler currently stand? If you could describe her in one word, what would it be?

Me and Chelsea are good friends. In one word – Gator. I call her Gator. It’s sexual, like wrestling an alligator.

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