Before revealing he had a Street King Immortal single dropping last night, which didn’t release as of yet, 50 Cent tweeted some harsh words obviously toward Gunplay, for his recent threats toward him in the media on TMZ. The tweets which were later deleted, can be seen after the break, which I’ve screen captured.

In the tweets, 50 Cent confirms rumors that he did in fact punch Gunplay in the face during the BET Hip Hop Awards altercation, refers to him as a junkie, then says he don’t take kindly to threats and will now talk to him face to face, responding to Gunplay‘s threats, with threats of his own.

50 Cent also tweeted replying to a fan who said he got that “get you disappeared type of money,” saying let them keep playing, they think he’s Puffy. Dissing the Hip Hop mogul now known as Diddy while making light on a fan’s negative comment that 50 can make Gunplay disappear.

Earlier G-Unit affiliate Mike Knox appeared on a Philadelphia radio station and talked about the BET Awards fight and revealed that he stole Gunplay‘s MMG chain.