50 Cent took to his Twitter account once again to speak on Floyd Mayweather. This time 50 had enough of just using words though, revealing he wants to take the physical approach for his beef with former friend, Floyd Mayweather.

In a new Tweet 50 stated that he wants to fight boxing champion Floyd Mayweather but not on December 14th. That date seems too soon for 50, who says he would need to get in shape first. 50 Cent also revealed he’s currently at 204 pounds but when he hit’s Floyd “that boy will see a white light.”

Could we soon see 50 Cent in a boxing ring with Floyd Mayweather? 50 certainly always had the physical shape for it and had to learn something while being around Floyd all of these years. The fight would definitely bring interest and lots of money, which we know the two are fans of.

Continue reading to view 50‘s tweet and catch up on all the recent 50 Cent vs. Floyd Mayweather drama.

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