It’s official. Floyd Mayweather can’t read.

Yesterday 50 Cent made the ALS/ESL reading challenge to Floyd Mayweather. Jimmy Kimmel got involved, and wants Floyd Mayweather to appear on his show to read The Cat In The Hat. If Floyd Mayweather can read a full page without stopping or messing up, 50 will donate $750k to a charity of his choice. But that probably can’t happen…and we have audio proof.

Today The Breakfast Club decided to dig up some audio of Floyd Mayweather reading radio drops for Power 105. The drop took Charlamagne Tha God less than 10 seconds to read, but Floyd Mayweather had a whole lot of trouble reading it and we’re unsure if he ever did so successfully. The clip is kinda harsh and makes fun of Floyd Mayweather to some extent, but it also makes us believe 50 Cent was confident in challenging Floyd Mayweather.

Listen to the audio of Floyd Mayweather trying to read a radio drop on The Breakfast Club morning show below.

There is no way this man can read a page from The Cat In The Hat without messing up.

50 Cent is a bully for this…but I’m laughing.

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