Today Sleek Audio announced that their relationship with 50 Cent and G-Unit has come to an end. Along with their relationship coming to an end, 50 Cent’s new line of “Sleek By 50 Cent” headphones have been cancelled. You can read Sleek Audio’s entire press release after the jump.

An insider tipped me and let me know that 50 Cent and Sleek’s relationship is in fact over but 50 Cent might still have headphones come out under a re-branded name with his own company. We’ll keep you updated if more news comes out.

Sleek Audio and G-Unit Brands, Inc, 50 Cent’s Licensing Company, Cancel Plans to Develop Products Under the “Sleek by 50” Brand

Palmetto, Fl. May 6th, 2011 – Sleek Audio today announced the termination of the Brand License Agreement between Sleek Audio LLC (“Sleek”) and G-Unit Brands, Inc. (“G-Unit”), 50 Cent’s licensing company. In addition, the Brand License Agreement, including video production, between TV Goods, Inc, Sleek and G-Unit has also been terminated.

“We will be re-evaluating our Wireless Hybrid over-the-ear headphones at a later date. Currently we are working to bring our new, U.S.-made in-ear products to the market,” said Mark Krywko, CEO of Sleek Audio.

Sleek Audio is in production of the highly anticipated, U.S.-made SA6-R Wireless Hybrid earphone and award-winning SA7 earphone, which earned the Best of Innovations title in the headphone category at CES 2011. Sleek is also producing its acclaimed PRO Series comprised of hand-made, Wireless Hybrid custom earphones including the CT6 and all-new CT7.

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