Was 50 Cent lying in diss songs when he said The Game was once a male stripper? According to The Game‘s stepfather, 50 wasn’t lying.

For years 50 Cent has said The Game was once a stripper by the name of Doja and on the cover art for the classic mixtape G-Unit Radio 21 an image of The Game in a g-string could be seen. Many including myself always thought the image was photoshopped, and that made us take 50‘s story with a grain of salt. But according to The Game‘s step dad, 50 Cent wasn’t lying.

Today Pitchfork released a video about the Hip Hop lifestyle in Compton and The Game‘s stepfather Hodari Sababu is featured. Hodari gives us a tour around Compton and around 19 minutes into the clip he drops a shocker by revealing the truth. He says that he and The Game‘s mother started a male strip club back in the day and Game (real name Jayceon Terrell Taylor) worked there a few nights as a stripper. After revealing this news, he then says “50 won’t let him forget it.”

Watch the video that has to have 50 Cent laughing his ass off below.

The Game’s Stepfather Reveals The Game Was A Stripper (Starts at 19:00)