After Taunting Los Angeles During All-Star Weekend, 6IX9INE Got Into A Brawl

6IX9INE (also known as Tekashi69) got into a massive brawl at LAX in Los Angeles. The controversial young rapper known for popular songs like “KEKE,” “KOODA,” and “GUMMO” came out of the fight unscathed.

The massive brawl involved almost 10 people and 6IX9INE was the target of all the violence. 6IX9INE was about to enter the terminal when he was approached by a man who was screaming at him. The 21-year-old rapper was pulled away by a member of his entourage while the rest of his entourage kept arguing. A member of 6IX9INE’s crew threw the first punch at the screaming man and more people joined in. 6IX9INE himself got involved, throwing punches of his own. He got hit with one punch and put on the ground. He quickly bounced back up, and the men who were going against 6IX9INE and his entourage left.

6IX9INE uploaded videos to social media and showed that he came out of the brawl unscathed and was willing to defend himself if need be. 6IX9INE also showed off his pricey $150,000 chain and showed that it’s still in his possession. It’s almost become the main target of these grown men chasing clout.

Over the weekend videos surfaced of multiple people warning 6IX9INE to stay out of Los Angeles and Texas. They even put him on the “no fly zone.” But, 6IX9INE trolled these grown internet shit talkers and gun wavers, not only showing up to parts of California they said he couldn’t, but documenting it and trolling them even more. YG even got involved and promoted his single “Suu Whoop” where he disses gang bangers with pink hair.

The Brooklyn, NY rapper also wants the world to know that this brawl was real and it’s not to promote his mixtape, Day69. Tekashi69’s Day69 drops Friday, February 23rd.

Despite all the controversy, he’s young, dumb, a troll, and making some undeniably good music. The project has features from Young Thug, Tory Lanez, Fetty Wap, Offset, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, and more.