The smartest gamblers get really rich. While ranking among the best gamblers in the world sounds good, it feels even better when you have a lot of money in the bank because money gives you the power to do and say anything you want. There are many songs that you can use to lift your mood while betting at an online casino. but not all of them will be able to lift your spirit as hip-hop hits about money.

These songs have been composed and sung by the best artists and their approach to things has made them famous and rich. They sing loud and from the top of their voices while keeping everyone entertained.

Here are the boldest hits about what it feels like to be rich:

Bag of Money by Wale ft. Rick Ross, T Pain & Meek Mill

This is one of the best songs to inspire your gambling spirit. It starts with Rick Ross talking about (to put it in a polite tone) how his money has played a big role in him having a good relationship with women. He says “I go and get it (money) and I let her count it for me.” The rest of the song is very descriptive and certainly not suitable for minors. However, the general concept of this song is about the money and the power that it gives you over women.

Addicted to Money by Lil Scrappy Ft. Ludacris

This song is mainly about addiction to money. The rap duet dive into: “I can’t be without money; you know what I’m talking about?”

The artists take turns singing about their individual lives and how they got money and became rich. At a point, Lil Scrappy says he was born making money even though he grew up in the hood. He also says how he has been a pimp his whole life and how he was addicted to money, women and clothes.

This Plane by Wiz Khalifa

This song is dedicated to all the haters and “lame niggas” as the artist seems to have many enemies who don’t like the fact that he is “money affiliated”. He admits that although it is lonely at the top, he prefers being alone with his wealth rather than being in a bad company.

He goes on and says nobody can blame him for that. “Valet brining my cars, water bring me shrimp/plates and Filet Mignon/With a couple of boards/We celebrate buyin’ drink, my niggas and who have love for me. Does not sound half bad!

Mo Money Mo Problems by The Notorious B.I.G ft Puff Daddy and Ma$e

For every fan of this particular genre, the song is classic. This song features two of the best artists of all time who speak about the downsides of being rich. Both Puffy and Biggie to enjoy their fame and wealth fully, but the song looks at things differently. “I don’t know what they want from me. It is like the more money we come across, the more problems we see.

All about the Benjamins by Did ft. The Notorious B.I.G., Lil Kim & The Lox

Rappers like showing off their “Benjamins”-a common slang for one hundred dollar bills and this is what this hip-hop hits is about. Irt talks about the lifestyle of people who are rich and famous.
Although it is not clear why the “three course meals: fettuccini, veal and Spaghetti” mentioned in this song would define a luxury life. We thought past would have been more of a modest meal.

I’m so paid by Akon ft Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy

This is another great song. He is so rich that he says he “sounds like money”. The song says number one hustler getting money/why do you want to count my money/I’m a hustler I don’t need them/You see I’m so paid.

There is also the popular “hater” motif in the song: “I would rather have them $ bills rain on me/ Than allow haters to make a name off me.”

I Got Cash by Brooklyn Funk Essentials

This is the best hip-hop song because of the boldness and attitude expressed in many words, some of which remain uncensored because they are inappropriate for this article. The song truly captures the essence of being rich, which gives you the audacity and ability to not care about what people say about you. Freedom of expression and thought are truly priceless, so listen to what this song has to say