Listen to “REDMERCEDES (Remix)” by Amine featuring Missy Elliott & AJ Tracey

Most known for his hit single “Caroline“, Amine returns with an updated version of “REDMERCEDES“. The remix is star-studded with contributions by AJ Tracey and Hip Hop legend Missy Elliott. The song features a vibe that suits Missy Elliott perfectly. In fact, when the original version came out, many compared it to Missy’s style. The Portland Rap artist also looked to London’s own AJ Tracey for the remix. He adds his own signature sound to the track, delivering a verse in a deep voice and British accent.

The queen of rap Missy Elliot could have huge success in 2017, when her new album drops. A profile for Elle Magazine revealed that “WTF (Where They From)” contained vocals from Trayvon Martin‘s childhood friend, Rachel Jeantel. She is the last person Trayvon Martin spoke with before being gunned down by George Zimmerman on February 26th, 2012. Missy Elliott sampled the young girl’s voice from an interview with Piers Morgan after the shooting. Missy Elliott credited Rachel Jeantel for the audio sample and made sure she got paid. It was a good deed by Missy Elliott, that I’m sure will never be forgotten.

Listen to the song below and stay tuned for more from Amine, Missy Elliott, and AJ Tracey.