I’ve been trying to tell you all about the boy Asaad, but who care what a blogger thinks, right? Maybe this will change your mind: Asaad is the newest member of the new Re-Up Gang. Yes, the Re-Up Gang with Pusha T, Malice, and Ab-Liva. Maybe that didn’t change your mind, but the music should. Here is his newest mixtape to honor the end of Black History Month, while still pushing his new black movement. If you’ve slept on him until now, don’t worry, it’s never to late. Track and download link after the cut courtesy of OnSMASH.
01. Origins Of Cotton
02. Batman
03. New Black History
04. A$AP Bari (Skit)
05. Talk My Shit
06. B Sect
07. Kids Reading Comics
08. Black Recapitulation
09. Jumanji Flow
10. D Life (Feat. I.N.I. & Walt Fraze)
11. Drought 3 Flow
12. Song
13. Paradise Of Birds
14. Lean Too Hard
15. Gratz St. Blues
16. Fransisco

Download: Asaad – New Black History Month (Mixtape)