At Long Last ASAP

We knew for a while that ASAP Rocky‘s forthcoming album would be A.L.L.A, but nobody knew what the acronym stood for, until today. Today it was revealed that the acronym stands for At Long Last ASAP. During an interview with GQ, ASAP Rocky revealed the album’s title and said his new album it all about claiming ownership of his legacy.

“I’m claiming ownership of my legacy,” he told the magazine. “Look at it: At.Long.Last.A$AP. A-L-L-A. Like slang for ‘Allah.’ It’s the return of the god MC. I’m named after Rakim, and I’m finally facing what it means: I was born to do this shit. And I hope I get to do it for a very long time.”

ASAP Rocky claims A.L.L.A is his best work yet, having recorded with Danger Mouse in LA, and worked at Red Bull Studios in London. The album feature a collaboration with a relatively unknown artist by the name of Joe Fox, who Rocky says he met while wondering the streets of London, near the studio.

ASAP Rocky Raps A Verse Off A.L.L.A Album For GQ