During ASAP Rocky’s performance at SXSW last night, things got heated after a fan snatched a member of Rocky’s crew’s do-rag off of his head when he went crowd surfing. Fuse recalls the events that went down below.

15 minutes into Rocky’s energetic set, at around 3:30 am, one of Rocky’s crew had his do-rag taken from his head, causing the rapper to stop the show in an attempt to find out who took it. Minutes later, someone from the crowd lobbed a full beer can on stage, nearly hitting a member of Rocky’s crew, dubbed the ASAP Mob. The rapper stopped the show again while the crew tried to find the culprit, with one of the mob almost jumping into the crowd. To his credit, Rocky defused the situation, though said that if anyone threw anything other than water, there would be consequences.

I guess you could say there were consequences. After the beer was thrown on stage ASAP Rocky and his mob jumped in the crowd and started fist fighting with fans as seen in the video above.