We have evidence! Watch as Drake throws the worst air ball of all time.

Child actor, turned rapper, Aubrey “Drake” Graham, was a surprise guest for last night’s Big Blue Midnight Madness at Kentucky. He warmed up with the Basketball team, and even introduced the coach, John Calipari. Drake got to fire off a few shots, and play with the team…and that is how we now have physical evidence, that he actually sucks at something…Basketball.

Drake, you may currently over-saturate the market with your brilliant songs, but finally, a hater like myself can bask in the moment, as you look like a f*cking goofball.

Drake’s Air Ball At Kentucky’s Midnight Madness

Basketball is not a sport meant to be played by “The Boy.” Watch as Drake takes a shot from the 3-point line and misses horribly.

I bet Drake could have at least hit the backboard if it had a picture of Rihanna on it. Drake curved the rim like Birdman does Tyga, when he asks for an album release date.

drake kentucky basketball worst air ball ever

Drake prances off the basketball court after throwing the worst air ball ever.

Drake Introduces Coach John Calipari