Well, here we are. After months of chatter, release dates and speculation, we’ve finally landed on the eve of the legendary project between Shawn Carter and Kanye West. Fans of the two (like myself) are damn near ready to explode with excitement, fans of one in the two alone might not have a clue it’s dropping tonight and the ones who don’t care for either are spreading the frustration they have as far as the eye can see. Why? Simply because misery loves company. Nonetheless, no amount of anger can overcome the facts: the project Watch The Throne is a monumental body of work that (while whether or not it will be a classic remains to be seen) is definitely an eye opener. 

The fact that this is a project by two of the greatest artist’s to touch this genre in years is the backbone to the lurking excitement, but the fact that this album has yet to reach a low level blog that would post it or a downloading site (for long at least) is what’s really amazing here. Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy? Leaked 1-2 weeks ahead of time. Eminem’s Recovery? 2 Weeks. Hell, 50 Cent’s Before I Self Destruct leaked a month ahead of time as well as Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter III. My Point to you is, it is become tradition or if anything, a regular part of releasing an album to have your work leak ahead of time, and you (as the artist) are forced to accept that someone at some point & time didn’t respect your project enough to wait for it to be released properly. 

We the people have also become so spoiled with the concept, that album sales suffer as a whole on a regular basis because anyone in the world with some connections or the ability to really abuse Google can get their hands on it easily. It’s damn near sad how angry people have gotten with me on Twitter because they may have at one point assumed I had the album. As if purchasing a great piece of history for 12 dollars is unheard of.

However, as the days turned to hours and hours turn to minutes, this disturbance has created a wonderful effect. The fact that this album has nothing currently out on the web for all to hear except what they (the artists) want us to hear, less than 2 hours before it is available on iTunes has forced us all into this stage before the internet had so much power. A point in time where anticipation for an album was nothing to get frustrated about, because we all WAITED for it instead of expecting it to be released for free. I pre-ordered Watch The Throne. Not because they need the money (because they clearly don’t) but because they’ve put effort into creating this feeling for the people again. Not necessarily a buzz, because I know Twitter doesn’t represent the entire world and I DO know people who had no clue the project was dropping tonight, but just giving those who do know, a sense of excitement and creating a feeling a lot of us bloggers and music appreciators alike would’ve assumed was never going to return, even if it’s just once.

Why am I writing this? I Love Music. I respect it in all forms, even when I don’t like what I’m hearing. Creating it is much more difficult than anyone who hasn’t done it could ever imagine and I respect Jay-Z and Kanye West even more for respecting this project enough to make sure it didn’t reach the net ahead of time. I’m excited like a kid is before he gets his toy he has been wanting to play with and that’s something you don’t get to feel too often. Hell, even if you’re not excited to that level with me, the idea that an artist(s) is releasing a project on time with no full leak prior is great to hear. Well, it’s great to those who do more than just hear it. It’s great to those who appreciate every note, every lyric and every heart-felt story that is put into a record. If there was any two to do this, it would be The Throne. So as I conclude this, I think of it as something I’ll always be able to refer to in my future. Yes, there will be other great projects, no this may not be the greatest thing that I’ve ever heard, but it IS a point in musical history that represents something rare because at the End of the Day, It’s about the Music.