Atmosphere releases the official artwork and tracklist for his upcoming Southsiders album. The project has no features and is entirely produced by Ant.

Check it out below.

1) Camera Thief [produced by Ant]
2) Arthurs Song [produced by Ant]
3) The World Might Not Live Through The Night [produced by Ant]
4) Star Shaped Heart [produced by Ant]
5) I Love You Like A Brother [produced by Ant]
6) Southsiders [produced by Ant]
7) Bitter [produced by Ant]
8) Mrs. Interpret [produced by Ant]
9) Fortunate [produced by Ant]
10) Kanye West [produced by Ant]
11) We Aint Gonna Die Today [produced by Ant]
12) My Lady Got Two Men [produced by An]
13) Flicker [produced by Ant]
14) January On Lake Street [produced by Ant]
15) Let Me Know That You Know What You Want Now [produced by Ant]

In stores May 6th, pre-order now.