Just a few minutes ago a cat fight broke out on Twitter. Azealia Banks felt that some of Angel Haze‘s tweets were subliminally directed towards her, and if you know anything about the “212” rapper who doesn’t want to be called a rapper you know she couldn’t let that go.

Azealia responded directly to Angel Haze:

“@angelhaze hahahaa.. i see ur TL… first off… NOBODY WAS TALKING ABOUT YOU. second off…. weren’t you the same girl in your interviews + on twitter saying you want to eat my pu**y and sh*t… ??? third off…. you are not from new york. lol so whats the problem with me now? are you mad i rejected your sexual advances? Angel Haze has a crush on me. Thats it. Case Closed.”

Haze retorted with:

“Begging me to come hang out with you and your fat friends? You still wear rocawear. U are null and Tf void, RATpunzel. @AZEALIABANKS. You don’t want this f*cking work. Bitch get those f*ck ass paraplegic dicks out your tw*t and step the fuck on. @AZEALIABANKS.”

After retweeting Azealia’s first message, Angel Haze asked why she was on her timeline and said that Banks had contacted her directed anything toward her.

“First off, we all know nobody wants that sewage sweat pu**y of yours. @AZEALIABANKS. Second off weren’t you the same bitch in my texts? Bitch I got these screenshots.”

Haze thew the final shot when she said, “And you don’t want this to fade off twitter. So knock it offffff” and calling her a “charcoal skinned bitch.” She has since commented she regretted making that statement about skin color.

They have both since deleted all of their tweets but you can check them out below.