Beyonce Knowles and longtime partner Jay-Z decided to ball out and drop $80,000 on a diamond-encrusted Barbie for their daughter’s first birthday. The gratuitous waste of money boasts 160 gems in total, plus white gold jewelry. The parents of the year also threw a lavish princess-themed party for close family and friends  to celebrate the special day.

The party in New York included $96,000 worth of white and pink roses as decorations and a cake tagged at over 2 grand. Another $33,000 went into accessories and toys for Blue Ivy‘s  guests, including jewellery sets, princess costumes and playhouses. Adults lucky enough to be in attendance were given elaborate goodie bags including concert tickets and engraved gold pens with Blue Ivy and each guest’s name on them.

The RapDose invitations must have gotten lost in the mail. Happy birthday Blue Ivy. Congratulations on your first taste of american royalty.

Source: The Sun UK