Beyonce has a nice booty and she isn’t afraid to show it off. On night one of her and Jay-Z‘s new “On The Run” tour, Beyonce let “dat ass” hang out in a custom Versace bodysuit that looks like a modern-day pair of ass-less chaps. Watch the bootylicious footage below.

Suddenly got the urge to see Beyonce live? Then hit up EBay for an On The Run Tour ticket, because they’re damn near impossible to get the normal way. Do note, after seeing Beyonce twerk what her momma gave her to songs like “Naughty Girl“, you are forced to see Jay-Z do “Big Pimpin” like a huge cock-block once things get real and Bey starts grinding on that pole.

Beyonce Twerk Footage

Even more footage of Beyonce twerking…

That’s not enough? Check out some photos of Beyonce‘s beautiful butt below. It’s like a fine piece of ART (Jay-Z voice).

Credit: TMZ