It’s being reported that ‘Finally Famous’ rapper Big Sean has been dropped from Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music label. Sources say Kanye West has come to terms with Big Sean over a backstage fallout in London.

Sources revealed exclusively to that things got tense backstage at a recent Kanye West women’s fashion show event. Big Sean and Kanye got into a heated argument because Big Sean criticized Kanye’s use of calf leather on his new line of women’s heels (pictured below).

Kanye West was seen backstage screaming at Big Sean over the women’s heels and things got heated fast. Big Sean reportedly got so angry about the way Kanye was treating him in public that he ripped a pair of heels off of a model’s feet and threw the pair of heels directly through a window (pictured below).

Lisa Crowns who was a staff member at the event location confirmed the altercation took place, revealing exclusively to that she heard the altercation go down and witnessed Big Sean exit the vicinity.

Lisa Crowns (event staff) reveals what she heard Kanye West arguing with Big Sean about and what she witnessed with her own eyes backstage at the event…

“I was on my way to the bathroom when I walked by Kanye’s dressing room and I heard two men arguing loudly. I instantly recognized Kanye’s voice screaming cuss words and threatening to slap somebody. Moments later, I heard a loud slap noise and a man crying hysterically, so I alerted security. Later, I heard the sound of glass breaking and a female screaming. Right before security arrived, I witnessed Big Sean storming out of the room in tears, shirtless with nothing on but a leather vest made of sheep skin and skinny jeans and tube socks. He wasn’t wearing shoes, but he quickly made his way to the exit and left.”

The release of Kanye West’s Air Yeezy 2 sneaker was recently postponed and we’re also hearing that this situation has something to do with that. will provide you with more information about this situation as this story develops.

UPDATE: has obtained an EXCLUSIVE image of Big Sean exiting the event location. View the image below!