A few days back our No New Friends: Rappers Old Tweets Exposed On Twitter article went viral and Big Sean caught notice of some of the tweets, including Travis Scott‘s, which Big Sean was a target of. In Travis‘ old tweets, he called Big Sean a “hypebeast” and “fake ass n*gga.” Tonight on Cosmic Kev‘s Come Up Show, Big Sean addressed the situation, saying a lot of rappers who run into each other this Sunday at the BET Awards might have some issues. He then went on to say people’s opinions change and Travis Scott has been praising his new music, avoiding all of the things Travis said in the past in his old tweets and avoiding any drama. In other words, Travis is getting away Scott free. Big Sean also laughs at all of the rappers including Travis who deleted their old tweets.

I bet Big Sean got his eyes on Travis from now on. At the end of the day, don’t trust anybody.

“A lot of these rappers ain’t real out here. It’s crazy. You know a lot of them ain’t day one like me and you.”

Listen to what Big Sean has to say after the break.