This was unexpected, Bizarre who made his name as the chunky comical rapper in Eminem’s group D-12 has announced that he has left the Dirty Dozen. Yep, you read that right. Bizarre is no longer in D-12. In an interview with Hip Hop DX, Bizarre announced he has in fact left D-12 to form his own ‘Weirdo Movement.’

DX: Now, I have to ask about this, are the rumors true that you’ve actually quit D12 to join Odd Future?

Bizarre: [Laughs] Whoa! [Laughs] Yeah, I’m not in D12 no more. We just had creative differences and decided to go our separate ways – well I decided to go my separate way. And nah, I’m not in Odd Future. I got my own crew called The Weirdo Movement.

DX: Now you know we gotta flesh out what you just said a little bit there. I mean, that was just a personal decision to leave D12, or was it a group decision to end the group?

Bizarre: It’s a personal decision on my part. I think I’ve just grown as an artist and it’s time for me to branch off on my brand. But shout out to Odd Future though.

So is this the end of D-12? I sure hope not.

Bizarre recently made headlines when he had Nicki Minaj’s face tattooed on his arm.  So yeah, I think that definitely defines his “movement” as weird.  So what’s next for Bizarre?  Well, he plans to release a new project March 30th titled This Guy’s A Weirdo and he will also have production featured on the upcoming Slaughterhouse album.