Bobby Shmurda drops his new single titled “Bobby Bitch.” The song is a followup to his viral “Hot Nigga” track. The only difference this time around is this single has the backing of a major record label from the jump. With the support of Epic Records, “Bobby Bitch,” is likely to spread like wild fire, just like “Hot Nigga” and the “Shmoney Dance” did.

Bobby Bitch” has been teased by Bobby Shmurda on Instagram and other social media outlets for weeks, and the snippets alone already had Vine and Twitter users tweaking, begging for the full song. Well, here it is. Take a listen, and prepare to see tons more Shmoney Dance videos.

Speaking of the Shmoney Dance, today Bobby Shmurda, GS9, and Epic Records, held a “Flash Shmob” outside of Rockefeller Center.