Bobby Shmurda recently shot into the spotlight thanks to a viral Vine video featuring a loop of his song “Hot Nigga“. The video got the attention of the right people and because of it’s buzz, Bobby Shmurda is now an Epic Records recording artist.

Epic Records executive Sha Money XL (known for his work with 50 Cent and G-Unit Records) broke the news on his Instagram page:

bobby shmurda epic records sha money

Bobby Shmurda stands on a boardroom table at Epic Records.

Bobby Shmurda – Hot Nigga (Official Music Video)

The “Hot Nigga” song which got Bobby Shmurda signed features a Jahlil Beats instrumental that Lloyd Banks used before on a song titled “Jackpot“. The song wasn’t as popular, but it also didn’t have a catchy Vine loop, or an uninspired funny “Shmoney dance“. Bobby Shmurda‘s video is now close to reaching 3 million views on YouTube.

It should be interesting to see how 50 Cent and G-Unit react to the news of Sha Money XL‘s involvement with signing Bobby Shmurda to Epic Records considering the beat jacking and the ongoing Sha Money XL and 50 Cent beef.

Watch Bobby Shmurda Celebrate Signing To Epic Records

Congrats, Bobby Shmurda! But I want to know…

What do YOU think about Bobby Shmurda’s new record deal?