Bow Wow To Retire After Release Of New Album “NYLTH”

Bow Wow took to social media Yesterday to officially announce his retirement. At the age of 29, the rapper formerly known as Lil Bow Wow broke the internet (in the small imaginary planet he lives on) gaining about 100 or so retweets with the reveal of this earth shattering information.

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With the announcement of his early retirement the internet began to laugh at Bow Wow as if it was some kind of joke. Shad Moss (Bow Wow) took the response as hate, because this is Bow Wow we’re talking about and people can’t just not care.

Turning the negativity into a positive, Bow Wow broke out his magical Michael Jordan tear stained dirty sneakers, slid them on, became Calvin Cambridge once again and began to shoot shots announcing his last album, Ni**a You Love To Hate (NYLTH for short) is coming soon and it’s executive produced by his uncle, Snoop Dogg.


Ah, if only Morris Chestnut didn’t have something more important to do and could have kept mentoring Calvin, excuse me, Bow Wow.