Fan of 50 Cent? Ever wondered what it would be like to hang out at his house? Then buy his new album Animal Ambition: An Untamed Desire To Win. The rapper is selling his album in 5 different bundles, and one of them will include the option to hang out with him at his house.

hang out at 50 cent's house

Today 50 Cent‘s official website got updated, as the rapper is preparing for pre-orders of his new album Animal Ambition due out June 3rd. 5 bundles are on display.

Bundle 1 includes a CD and T-Shirt. Bundle 2 includes a CD, T-Shirt, and signed poster. Bundle 3 includes a CD, T-Shirt, signed poster and pair of SMS Audio headphones. Bundle 4 includes Animal Ambition on Vinyl and a T-Shirt. The biggest bundle of them all, Bundle 5, includes a CD, signed poster, a pair of SMS Audio headphones and the opportunity to hang out at 50 Cent‘s mansion.

Prices for each bundle have  yet to be revealed, but something tells me bundle 5 won’t be cheap.

Watch a clip of 50 Cent showing off his mansion on MTV cribs below.

50 Cent’s House Featured On CNN Money

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