Listen To “Brick Road (Cookin Up)” By Cee-Lo Green

Cee-Lo Green is readying his new solo album Songbirds and today he drops the projects first single “Brick Road (Cookin Up)”. In addition he is working on a album with Danger Mouse for a brand new Gnarls Barkley album.

He explains the record to DJ Booth:

“Cooking up is a process, and it’s also a recipe,” he says. “It’s not fast food, it’s a delicacy. I wanted to write something relative for the here and now, and let people know I’m coming from the curb, and I’m talking from the turf.”

“Brick Road”‘s hauntingly beautiful beat blankets the desperation in CeeLo’s soulful voice like “razor blades making lifelines,” a play on the life-saving and life-ending duality of selling drugs. “I wanted to talk about it, but not in any typical or traditional way, so I think this is a nice marriage of narratives and nuance and harmony, but it definitely has the edge like Goodie [Mob],” Green says.

Listen to the record below.