Chance The Rapper graces the cover of the August issue of Dazed & Confused magazine, who were nice enough to post the cover story online for your reading pleasure. In the story, writer Phoebe Lovatt follows Chance to Venice Beach and then to The Temple, a mansion studio where he was hanging with Childish Gambino and putting the finishing touches on his album. Chance even comments on his stylistically polar opposite Chief Keef:

In that spirit, he refuses to diss Chicago’s other young rap upstart, Chief Keef. There is a clear disparity between Chance’s soulful, sophisticated storytelling (“He could write about a doorknob and make it fascinating,” notes Skrillex) and 17-year-old Keef’s rudimentary drill music, which celebrates the gun culture that Chance condemns. Still, Chance insists that Keef’s nihilistic tales of hittas and “snitch ni**as” – delivered over producer Young Chop’s menacing, trigger-happy beats – are just as valid as his own.

“Coming from my city, I can tell you he is not bullshitting about anything,” Chance insists. “He’s telling a story and he made a living off of it — a killing off of it — and I’m proud of him.” Chance rejects any comparison of their styles: “People want there to be two sides because they like the destruction of things, but we’re from the same place. Chief Keef is from Englewood, 69th and Normal. I’m from 79th and Princeton. We live 12 blocks from each other. It’s not like we’re coming from two different sides of the world at all. We’re just two different people.”

Read the full cover story here.