Watch “Down The Line” By Charles Hamilton Featuring Laurel

After signing a new record deal earlier this year, Charles Hamilton debuts a new single and video titled “Down The Line” featuring Laurel. His EP The Black Box is coming later this year.

Directed by Dano Cerny.

He explains the video to FADER below:

“On my journey so far I could certainly say I’ve had my share of dark moments. This video represents me transitioning through the world seemingly alone, struggling to make sense of the pain and darkness I had frequently experienced. It felt like I had lunged into an abyss where I was haunted by career and life-altering outcomes that literally led to loss of liberty, contemplating whether my end will come by my own hands or someone else’s—staring death in the face. To survive that journey, I found support and the strength to face my demons. I took ownership of what I could change about Charles and chose to live.”