Chief Keef was arrested for the second time in 7 days on Monday, when he was booked for speeding in Northfield, IL. The young GBE rapper has had a hard time staying out of trouble lately after getting busted for smoking marijuana in a hotel room just last week.

Keef’s 2011 BMW X6 M was spotted speeding down the street at 3:45 AM, where he was allegedly travelling at 110mph in a 55mph zone. He is only permitted to have one other person in the car, but when he was pulled over had three other people in his vehicle. The rapper who just recently released his “Macaroni Time” video was taken into custody and is due back in court June 17th.

In other positive news, the recent Brick Squad signee had a quick feud with Katy Perry, saying he would “smack the sh*t” out of her. In a surprise twist, Katy was the one who issued the apology.

UpdateTMZ has obtained dash cam of Chief Keef’s arrest for going 110 mph in a 55 mph zone earlier week. The video shows a police vehicle chasind down Keef’s car as it speeds down the highway. See the footage below.