Rick Rossrape lyrics on “U.O.E.N.O.” were nothing compared to what Chief Keef is rapping about on his new single “You“.

If you thought Rick RossU.O.E.N.O. lyrics were negative toward women, well then controversial Chicago rapper Chief Keef just topped them with lyrics that are even worse.

On his new single titled “You“, Chief Keef raps about killing women if they don’t give him fellatio on the song’s chorus which is already making some women angry.

“You aint gonna let me f*ck and I feel you, but you gone suck my d*ck or I’ll kill you,” Chief Keef raps.

The song which is yet to be released was previewed on Keef‘s Twitter account. Shortly after the posting of the “You” preview, comments started pouring in to his Twitter mentions feed with outraged women who don’t like what Keef is rapping about on the chorus. Some women joked about the lyrics not taking them too serious and referred to the latest Rick Ross controversy asking the rapper “are you a rapist too?,” while other women took things very serious tweeting that he’s gone too far.

Chief Keef signed to Interscope Records after his single “I Don’t Like” featuring Lil Reese blew up locally. The song was eventually remixed by Kanye West and others, gaining radio airplay and much success. Chief Keef‘s friend, GBE label mate and “I Don’t Like” collaborator Lil Reese was under fire last year when a video surfaced of him nearly beating a woman to death violently. He is now signed to Def Jam Records.

Keef is no stranger to trouble and was recently incarcerated for violating his probation and appearing in a Pitchfork clip toting guns. He was released not too long ago.

The rapper also seemingly doesn’t care about how he is portrayed, last year Instagramming a photo of himself with a young woman performing fellatio on him with a hashtag attached “#GettinTop,” which later trended worldwide on Twitter where the image was cross posted. Shortly after rival Chicago talent “Lil Jojo” was gunned down in the streets, Chief Keef headed to his Twitter account to laugh at the kid’s death tweeting “LMAO”.

Listen to a preview of Chief Keef‘s controversial “You” track after the break.

Chief Keef – You (Preview)

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