Childish Gambino dissed Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and Schoolboy Q while in Sydney, Australia during a live freestyle and it was all captured on video. The comedian turned rapper rhymed that he’s better than each emcee and got a little violent during the performance with his words.

Childish Gambino said he’s a top 5 rapper, while dissing Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and Schoolboy Q in a freestyle rap…this is surely going to have the internet buzzing.

“I’m the best rapper, definitely top 5 and these other rappers think they are / they fuckin’ not alive/ I’ll cut they head off that’s every rapper living / that’s Kendrick, that’s Drake, that’s Schoolboy that’s everyone…” Childish Gambino raps.

Shades of Kendrick Lamar‘s “Control” verse all over again?

In another live freestyle clip Childish Gambino‘s only target is Drake — who he rhymes about being better than once again.

Childish Gambino and Drake sort of have the same background as they were both actors before rap. The two are often compared in media, and this could be why Gambino decided to lash out at him.

On “Bonfire” from Gambino‘s first album CAMP he raps “I don’t talk soft, that’s that other guy,” a line which many believe was a Drake diss as well. While that could have been considered a subliminal diss, in 2014 Childish Gambino is getting straight to the point and screaming names.

We’ll keep you updated if anything more comes of this.