Childish Gambino’s New Album “Awaken, My Love” Coming December 2nd?

An image is making the rounds of a chalkboard with Childish Gambino and “Awaken, My Love” written on it along with a 12/2 release date. Usually things like this popping up out of nowhere would quickly be written off as fake, but for some reason this feels all too real. The image comes from a local FYE store, and the Childish Gambino release date is placed next to other upcoming releases.


If real, you can expect Childish Gambino’s new Awaken, My Love album to release on December 2nd and an official announcement to come sometime sooner. Hey, you don’t expect all that music Donald teased at those Pharos shows in California to just go to waste, do you? I believe.

UPDATE: Childish Gambino has confirmed the album on Twitter, posting the projects artwork.