Childish Gambino is not pleased with the way things have gone with Glassnote Records. The talented actor/comedian/musician aired his grievances with the label that released CAMP and Because The Internet on Twitter.

Donald Glover, better known as Childish Gambino revealed that his label hasn’t been keeping their end of the deal, and as a result he wants out of his contract.

Childish Gambino doesn’t like the way his “Sweatpants” video was rolled out late last night. He had a more clever way of releasing it, with a blog, that was very important to him and his team. Gambino is deep into the internet and told his label he understands how it works, and his label laughed at him over the phone. According to the series of tweets he shared with his fans and supporters.

Read what Gambino had to say on Twitter below.

Regardless of what happens with Childish Gambino in this label situation, we’ll remain fans. The Sweatpants” video is insanely dope. The blog is cool too. Check it out.