Chris Brown‘s troubles with the law are never-ending. Now, TMZ reports he has been arrested in Washington, D.C. this morning after attacking a man outside the W Hotel.

The police arrested him on charges of Felony Assault after he attacked the man, but reports say Chris was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This is clearly a violation of his parole, which came as a result of his infamous altercation with Rihanna. This means Breezy could spend up to four years in jail.

Come on man! Every day it gets harder and harder for people to support your actions Chris. You are just giving Rihanna fans more fuel for their debate against you.

Update: Chris was released from prison today almost causing a riot. His charges were reduced to a police report stating it was actually his body guard who threw the punch that injured the victim. See footage of Brown’s release below.

Update #2: TMZ reports Chris Brown will spend up to 3 months in anger management rehab in Malibu, California. “The rehab facility has been told to take him [Brown] apart and put him back together,” a source says.

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