Drake, Chris Brown and Meek Mill were all in an altercation last night at New York City SoHo club W.I.P. During the altercation bottles were thrown and Chris Brown‘s face was gashed, his body guard’s head was sliced open-which ended him up in a hospital bed and an innocent female bystander also suffered wounds to the head from Drake and Chris Brown‘s entourage’s bottle throwing. The whole situation is rumored to be over Rihanna, because of recent statements made on Twitter.

Chris Brown and Drake apparently got into a war of words before bottles were thrown because Drake yelled over to Chris Brown while giving him the middle finger “You be on that ho s**t on Twitter ni**a”, confirmed TMZ.

Before all the correct news came out about the altercation, many speculated that it was actually an altercation between Meek Mill and Chris Brown which turned out to be false. Chris Brown even Tweeted confirming the speculation that an altercation between himself and Meek was false.

Last night Chris Brown sent out a few tweets after the altercation took place, sharing a picture of a gash on his chin and calling Drake (who he did not mention directly) a few names before later deleting the Tweets from his timeline. Saying that Drake ran to the bathroom, which led to the world wide trending topic #DrakeRanToTheBathroomBecause. Thanks to the handy dandy users who follow Chris on Twitter, you can check out screen caps of his aggressive Tweets below.

Drake‘s team released a statement since, saying that Drake never got involved in the altercation himself and he did not throw any bottles. The whole altercation might have went down because after Chris Brown and Meek Mill had their exchange over Twitter a few weeks ago, Drake added his two cents to Chris and Meek‘s argument quoting Future‘s song “My Ho“.

We’ll keep you updated if more information comes out about Drake and Chris Brown‘s altercation.

Graphic images from before and after the altercation between Drake and Chris Brown took place available on the next page as well as audio of a bystander calling into The Breakfast Club recalling what he witnessed last night at club W.I.P.