The funniest thing you’ll hear all week.

That’s a lot of nuts! Comedian Hannibal Buress is one of the funniest men on the planet, and after hearing Funkmaster Flex‘s rant about Jay-Z, he decided to recreate it completely. With his own sound effects, and a spot-on impression of Flex, listen as Hannibal Buress tells us he’s a Cam’ron fan and claims that Funkmaster Flex copied his website.

So I click on the link. This motherf***er is just talking about apps and shit. B*tching about Jay Z, saying that Jay Z’s company stole his app idea. Who the f*** is stealing app shit from Funkmaster Flex. Why is he ranting about apps? And why is he using so many sound effects? He needs to mix up the sound effects a little bit.

And so I got through about three minutes and I couldn’t listen to that shit anymore because it was just trash. This dude is 47-years-old. Forty-seven. And he’s just pressing the bomb effect over and over. Just use your words man. Use your words.

Credit: Smoking Section