Liked Cruel Summer? Hoped that a Cruel Winter album was really on the way? Well, sorry to break it to you, but Cruel Winter isn’t happening.

According to GOOD Music artist Common, a Cruel Winter album is no longer in the works. The long rumored album Q-Tip, Big Sean and even Pusha T been hyping up is NOT on the way.

In an interview published by Vulture, legendary rapper Common broke the news about the rumored Kanye West and GOOD Music compilation sequel and debunked what other GOOD Music artist’s been teasing, stating that the music that has been being created will be used for their respective solo project’s instead.

Does G.O.O.D. Music really have a Cruel Winter album coming?

Oh, yeah, nah, nah. I don’t think that’s happening. It was more of a rumor — cats been creating, but everybody’s been doing their solo album. So that’s what that is.

Well, at least we still got that Kanye West solo album to look froward to in 2013.