Uh oh. During the taping of the Love & Hip Hop Reunion today Consequence and Joe Budden had another run in and things must not have remained as calm as last time.

Consequence took to his Twitter account to reveal that at the reunion show he had to put the paws on Joe Budden. According to Consequence himself, he “smacked the sh*t” out of “Pump It Up” hit maker Joe Budden.

See what Cons said in his Tweet after the break. If video surfaces we’ll share that with you too, although it might be saved for television? Who knows. All we know is this infamous Joe Budden slap wasn’t live streamed.


More information has been revealed about what took place via Joe Budden himself. According to Joey, him and Tahiry were headed outside to smoke when Consequence jumped out of nowhere and hit him as he was walking away. But Cons didn’t get away clean. Apparently Tahiry joined in and snuffed Consequence herself. We won’t have to wait long to see footage of this, because according to Joe Budden this all caught on tape!


Joe Budden called in to Angie Martinez to speak on what went down between himself and Consequence. Again Joey speaks as if it’s not over.

Read Joe Budden‘s update on what happened after the break and listen to his call-in to Angie Martinez speaking on the incident.


Joe Budden may have retaliated. The Jersey emcee took to his Twitter account to share that he was headed home and saw Consequence‘s wife Jen crying while Cons was supposedly talking to police. For whatever reason, we don’t know why but it sounds to us like there was another altercation. Joey also added insult to injury and messaged Cons on Twitter asking if he was good.


Consequence confirmed on Twitter that he talked to police. But he says he didn’t cooperate and isn’t pressing charges. Did Joey get revenge? Sure seems that way.


Joe Budden and Consequence did get into it again. Joey just tweeted that he wants Consequence to upload a picture of his face!


Consequence still hasn’t uploaded a photo and Joe Budden cracked a joke about it on Twitter: “Dude was so quick to tweet about that sucka punch……not so much now.”


More drama. Consequence took to Twitter once again, this time to say Joe Budden hits like a b*tch. Cons insulting Joey also said Tahiry hits harder. The Queens representative still hasn’t uploaded a photo of his face though.


A photo of Consequence talking to the police has surfaced via Twitter user MAL.


Footage of the first altercation between Joe Budden and Consequence has surfaced. The quality is horrible, but it will do until it airs on television.


We now have footage of the second altercation. You can see Joe and his man knock Consequence to the ground while Jen The Pen screams.

Screen-caps, photos and video after the break.

Consequence Slaps Joe Budden At Love & Hip Hop Reunion

joe budden says tahiry snuffed consequence

Joe Budden says it wasn’t a punch Consequence threw at him and there is more drama to come.

consequence joe budden

Joe Budden says he seen Cons wife Jen crying while Consequence talked to police. Did another altercation take place between the two?

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 11.08.20 PM

Consequence says he isn’t pressing charges:

consequence vs. joe budden

Looks like Joe Budden and Consequence got into another altercation. Joey just called Consequence out and told him to tweet a picture of his face! Uh oh.

joe budden consequence fight

joe budden jokes about consequence

Consequence says Tahiry hits harder than Joe Budden:

consequence says tahiry hits harder than joe budden

Photo of Consequence talking to police:

consequence talking to police

Footage of the first altercation during Love & Hip Hop Reunion taping:

Footage of the second altercation: