Prepare To Laugh Because Dave Chappelle Is Coming Back To TV

Dave Chappelle has been slowly (but surely) making a comeback over the years — returning to stages across the country and performing new stand up material. Material that’s very hard to get hold of, unless you bought a ticket and appeared at his shows in person. Of course there is low quality stuff on YouTube, but that gets taken down quickly and his most recent shows have had a STRICT no phone policy, preventing his material from being captured and uploaded online.

Fans who can’t make the shows been foaming at the mouth, waiting for Dave Chappelle to hopefully make his television return. Well, we might not have to wait much longer, because according to Dave Chappelle‘s on-road turntable specialist, DJ Trauma, he’s coming back to TV and it’s all happening very soon.

Dave Chappelle Television Return

Is Dave Chappelle about to make his Television return?

DJ Trauma recently took to his Instagram account to upload the photo above from Dave Chappelle‘s recent stand up show at The Hollywood Palladium. In the caption for the photo he wrote: “I think we made history again last night Dave & the team!!! Stay tuned everyone #davechappelle will be back on your TV soon. #teamchappelle #whereintheworldisdjtrauma #stateofemergency“.

It’s currently unknown whether Dave Chappelle will have another sketch comedy show, but after seeing how it all fell apart with the Chappelle’s Show and Comedy Central, we doubt that’s what this is all about. It’s likely we’re getting a new televised Dave Chappelle stand up comedy special, which has me just as excited.

Stay tuned for more information on Dave Chappelle‘s television return.