Dave Chappelle had a meltdown on stage and ended up asking the DJ to play “New Slaves,” before abruptly walking off way before his sets end last night in Hartford, CT. This led to many boos from the crowd.

Dave, headliner of Funny or Die‘s Oddball Festival is on a comedy comeback tour, but things didn’t go as planned last night.

Some fans who were in attendance say Chappelle got heckled which led to his exit, while some say people were just so excited to see Dave that they couldn’t control themselves and were noisy which angered him because he wanted to tell his jokes.

Chappelle supposedly told fans be quiet and went back and forth with them for 25 minutes before asking for Kanye‘s Yeezus track be played. Soon after, he told the crowd goodnight and walked off early in his set.

At one point an angry Dave reportedly sat down on a stool and began smoking, and later he told the crowd that he has three minutes left before he can leave and go to the bank.

Many believe Dave had a live meltdown, and some say Dave just walked off because the crowd wouldn’t shut up and let him get on with his live show, which sounds much more understandable.

One things for certain, Chappelle demanded being played off to Kanye West‘s “New Slaves” and multiple comedy show goers felt the song fit the situation perfectly.

Video of the “meltdown” below, as well as tweets from those in attendance.