D’Banj previews “Scape Goat Remix” featuring Kanye West and a full new song titledNo More in a documentary.

G.O.O.D. Music artist D’Banj is gearing up to release his new mixtape D’ Kings Men but before then he’s showing his fans the hard work that went into it, in a documentary about the project we’ll soon hear.

In the doc D’Banj previews a few new songs including “No More“. Listen to it as well as a preview of the Kanye West featured Scape Goat Remix after the break.

If “No More” sounds familiar, it’s because the song was featured in Kanye‘s Cruel Summer film and either you are lucky enough to have seen it, or heard the low quality recording that hit the net shortly after.

Continue reading to listen to both tracks, watch D’Banj‘s documentary and view the tracklist and cover artwork for his new album.

D'Banj D' Kings Men

D’ Kings Men Tracklist

1. Ibadi E (Let It Bounce)   D’Banj ft. (*@&%^!&
2. Why You Love Me Like That   D’Banj
3. Who Dat   Kayswitch
4. Give Me   D’Banj
5.      Scape Goat (the fix)   D’Banj ft. Kanye West
6.      For Example   Kayswitch
7.      Trance   D’Banj
8.      Ololufemi   J.Sol
9.      Money On My Mind   Kayswitch & J.Sol
10.      Top Of The World   D’Banj & J.Sol
11.      So Fly   J.Sol
12.      Lugga (Bad Nigga)   D’Banj ft. &&@^&!@
13.      Skit (overshadow)
14.      Don’t Tell Me Nonsense   D’Banj
15.      Nous les meilleurs (We The Best)   D’Banj ft. %!^%@#
16.      Don’t Wait   Kayswitch & J.Sol
17.      Willingly   D’Banj ft. *!&&@^$#
Bonus Tracks
1.      Oyato   D’Banj
2.      Cash Flow   D’Banj
3.      Bachelor   D’Banj
4.      Sista Caro   Kayswitch & DeeVee

Available March 30th.