It looks like the Bugatti Boyz got into some gambling over the weekend. Diddy took to Instagram to share a video where he is seen playing cee-lo against Rick Ross. The Bad Boy Records boss man rolled the nut-low 1,2,3 and subsequently lost $1 million. Included was the caption “I just lost a million dollars. It ain’t nothin#SuckMyD*ckB*tch.”

Will Diddy pay up? Probably not. There have been some pretty interesting publicity stunts surrounding Rick Ross lately and this is likely another one. It doesn’t matter how big of a bankroll you have, losing a milli on a dice roll is going to sting anyone. Not to mention the illegality of gambling for that kind of money without regulation.

See footage of the roll as well as the Bugatti Boyz and crew hanging out in Las Vegas for the Floyd Mayweather bout below.